3 Steps to Start Implementing an SEO Strategy on Your Website

You had the same website for years, and you finally invested in developing a new one. Congratulations!  

Websites are vital to a business’s success and help build credibility with potential clients. 

Was the only reason for the update to look more polished and modern?  

If so, you can stop reading now. Mission accomplished.  

If you were also hoping to generate inbound leads… you’ve got some more work to do.  

Most websites are not lead-generating machines and are not easily found by the person looking for your expertise. 

To get found, you need to provide a road map so that your potential clients can find you. You do that through SEO.  

SEO is not usually included in website development and takes strategy, time, and consistency to implement successfully.  

Here are three steps to start implementing an SEO strategy on your website. 

  1. First, put into writing your perfect client. Who are they, and what might they search to find you online?
  2. Next, put together a list of 10 keywords related to what they might search to find you online.  
  3. Finally, incorporate those keywords on the relevant pages of the backend of your website. If you’re using a WordPress platform, you can download the Yoast or All in One SEO plugin, which will give you prompts for what SEO data you need to fill in. For each page, you’ll want to make sure to include a unique SEO title, focus keyword phrase, and meta description. 

Of course, much more goes into SEO than just this, but this is an excellent start to building your SEO foundation.