How Google Search Console Can Be a Helpful Marketing Tool

Most businesses I work with have a Google Analytics page set up and know the importance of the information that can be found there.  

What I find regularly though is that not a lot of people have access to their Google Search Console account, which is unfortunate because it can be a great marketing tool.  

If you do not have access to your Google Search Console account, you should get access to it right away. 

It is an uncomplicated process to gain access and will help to guide your keyword and content strategy on your website.  

There are many uses for Google Search Console, but I primarily use it to look at website performance including these three key areas; keywords, which pages of the website are driving traffic, and website errors. 

By seeing what relevant search terms people are searching for that my website is showing up for I can generate new relevant content in those areas where there is a need.

I can also see which of the website pages of the website are driving traffic, again, letting me know what information I am providing is valuable.

It also helps me find website errors that could prevent some of the website pages from showing up in the search engines.  

To learn more about Google Search Console and to sign up for it, click here.