How SEO Transformed BHW IP Law’s Online Visibility: A Case Study

In today’s digital age, a robust online presence is essential for businesses to thrive. As demonstrated by our partnership with BHW IP Law, a leading intellectual property law firm with offices in Newport Beach, Washington DC, and Palo Alto, the power of SEO in bolstering online visibility and driving business growth cannot be underestimated.


BHW IP Law, renowned for its expertise in intellectual property law, approached us precisely 12 months ago, seeking to enhance its digital footprint. Upon our initial assessment, it became apparent that their Google Search Console had not been set up, hindering their ability to track critical data. Recognizing the importance of this foundational step, we quickly integrated the necessary tools to monitor their online performance and embarked on an SEO journey tailored to their unique needs.

SEO Strategy Implementation

Our approach centered on comprehensive keyword research, meticulous on-page optimization, and a content strategy to deliver valuable insights to their audience. By prioritizing the creation of informative and engaging content, we aimed to position BHW IP Law as an authoritative voice in the realm of intellectual property law.

Data Comparison and Impact of SEO

Analyzing the data from the initial period (12/1/22 to 1/31/23) and the recent period (9/1/23 to 10/31/23) revealed a notable transformation. In the initial phase, BHW IP Law garnered 91 clicks and 3,000 impressions, whereas the recent data showcased a substantial leap to 129 clicks and 6,100 impressions. A particularly compelling indicator of their progress was the surge in their search ranking for the key phrase “sports equipment patent attorneys.” Initially positioned at the 65th spot, they proudly hold the 18th position, significantly amplifying their visibility within their target audience.

Client Testimonials

Reflecting on our collaboration, the team at BHW IP Law expressed their satisfaction with the tangible results achieved. “The comprehensive SEO strategies implemented by LHO & Co. have propelled our online presence, enabling us to connect with a broader clientele,” remarked Rey Barceló, partner.

Future Prospects

Looking ahead, we are committed to continuing this trajectory of growth and efficacy. With dedication to refining and expanding their online visibility, we anticipate even more significant strides in the coming year. Our forthcoming analysis highlights the continued evolution of BHW IP Law’s digital landscape, showcasing the enduring impact of strategic SEO implementation.


The transformation undergone by BHW IP Law is a testament to the power of tailored SEO strategies in bolstering online visibility and driving business growth. As we celebrate the milestones achieved, we invite you to consider the potential of SEO in elevating your own digital presence. Invest in strategic SEO and witness the remarkable impact it can have on your business’s trajectory.