How to Get Started Writing Content for Your Blog

Do you want to get started with writing regularly on your blog or sharing thought leadership content on LinkedIn but aren’t sure where to start?  

If so, I can relate. Writing regularly is new to me and getting started can be challenging.  

Just remember that you, like me, have been in your field for a long time, and through that time you have gained a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge and have valuable insights to share. 

What has been helpful to me to generate ideas is to write a note in my phone whenever an idea pops into my head. The ideas usually come from a challenge a client is facing or something that has been successful for me or a colleague.  

When you start taking the time to jot these ideas down, you start to realize how many ideas you have that can be shared and helpful to others.  

What has been helpful for you or a client, will be helpful for someone else too.  

Another way to gather useful content is to look at questions you have answered for your clients via email. Again, chances are if a client is asking, others have the same question too. This tip is especially helpful because most of the content is already written, it just takes a little bit of editing and fine-tuning.  

Hopefully, this has inspired you to write something for your blog or share it on LinkedIn today!