LinkedIn Marketing PSA

PSA: If you’re sending generic LinkedIn messages in hopes of landing new business, think again.

Building relationships on LinkedIn takes time and effort, and spammy messages won’t get you very far.

In the past few weeks, I have received many generic LinkedIn messages from other professionals wanting to connect with me.

Not to connect with me to learn more about what I do but to see how they can help me with financial planning, lending for my clients, and my real estate needs.

What do you think the odds are that I will work with any of these people or refer my clients to them?

I have never met most of them and have no relationship built with them whatsoever.

The odds are slim to none that I will even respond.

As a professional, I have a huge network of people I trust, and I will ask for help in all of these areas when needed.

LinkedIn can be a great tool to connect with other professionals and can be a great place to build relationships.

There are many people I follow and trust that I have never met, but that is because they have built trust with me over time as they have developed themselves as thought leaders in the industries.

I find value in the information they share, and when I have a need for a service they provide, they are on my radar.

Building relationships on LinkedIn takes time and lots of effort. There is no easy button to get business, especially on LinkedIn.

Here’s what actually works…

I received the following message:

“Hi Lauren It seems we share a passion for fractional / interim / contractor roles. Mine is specific to interim and fractional sales leadership. With that in mind, I thought it wouldn’t do any harm to reach out.

I would love to find a time next week to connect on a call, compare notes, and see if there is an opportunity to collaborate. Let me know if you are open to the idea.”

I had a great follow-up call with him, and I am now on his email blast list and often see his posts on LinkedIn.

If I have a client needing more of a sales function for their business than what I offer, I will think of him.

This could be tomorrow or in 2 years from now. In professional services, the sales cycle can be long.

So PSA rant over. If you want to earn business on LinkedIn, there is no easy button.

Be in the game for the long haul, put actual effort in and be thoughtful about what you do and say.

If you do, it will pay dividends over time.