Do You Have Someone Managing Your Online Presence and Online Accounts for Your Business?

Do you have someone managing your online presence and online accounts for your business? As most people do it’s important that you have access to your online business accounts such as Google My Business, Google Search Console, Facebook & LinkedIn company pages, YouTube account, and access to your own website.

By using your phone number and email address, rather than someone else’s that you don’t have access to, you will avoid running into problems later with 2-factor authentication or a lack of responsiveness from your previous marketing company.

If you don’t have control, get control right away. Without it, you can’t keep your content fresh or make changes internally. You will have to rely on the outside marketing company to make the changes for you.

Once you set up the accounts with your contact information you can give access to anyone you want, but you’ll be in control, and can easily transfer the access.

Taking control of your accounts now will save you a lot of time and unnecessary frustration in the future.