Marketing Strategy for Financial Advisors, CPAs and Attorneys

Are you looking to establish a straightforward and easy-to-implement marketing strategy? Then I have the perfect formula for you! This marketing formula works well for professional services companies including financial advisors, CPAs, and attorneys who are looking to build themselves as thought leaders in their industries by creating valuable content.  

The formula is this:  

  • Ensure you have basic branding principles in place (style guide, logos, tagline, mission statement, etc.).
  • Create a website that is optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Create valuable content consistently to be shared on your website blog, LinkedIn and sent via an email blast to your clients and business associates. Creating consistent content once per month is a good goal to start with.  
  • Optimize your Google My Business page.
  • Get listed in industry directories. For example, if you are an attorney create an AVVO page or Martindale-Hubbell page that has consistent messaging. 
  • Create a LinkedIn page.
  • Invite people to follow your LinkedIn page. 

This is a sure-fire way to set your firm up for growth if you follow this formula!  

As simple as the formula sounds, the implementation is where things get tricky. Especially for professional service providers things can get busy, and marketing gets pushed to the bottom of your to-do list. It is easy for anyone to set up most of these things, but what you need is someone to keep you accountable and keep these actions consistent.  

Once you have a system in place and a rhythm down, you can add more to the formula, but this is a wonderful place to start. The goal of this formula is to establish good habits. Once the habits have been developed, it is easier to expand your efforts down the road.  

Too busy to implement on your own? LHO & Co. Specializes in working with professional services companies to help them develop a solid marketing foundation. Contact us today to see how we can help.