Three Tips to Help You Achieve Your Marketing and Business Development Goals in 2022

Hopefully, you’ve started your marketing and business development planning for 2022, but if you haven’t, you’re not alone, and it’s not too late!

Here are three tips to help you achieve your marketing and business development goals in 2022.

#1 Create a plan. The plan doesn’t need to be elaborate, but it must be achievable and measurable. Your plan should include a growth goal (increase revenue by 10%, engage ten new clients, or similar), and it needs to include actionable items to help you achieve your goal (one speaking engagement quarterly, one blog post monthly, attending quarterly networking events, etc.).

#2 Have someone keep you accountable. Creating goals and actionable items are only beneficial if you look at your plan often and you do the things you have set out to do in your plan. Without accountability, it’s easy to let months go by without even one thought of the marketing goals you set. The day-to-day tugs and pulls of running your business and serving your clients make it easy to run out of time for marketing. If you don’t prioritize marketing and business development, it won’t get done. You need someone to regularly check in with you and make sure you’re taking the time, be it one hour a week.

#3 Be willing to adjust your plan as necessary. You should be reviewing the progress you make as you go and paying attention to what’s working and what’s not. Run analytics reports on where your business is coming from. If you do that, you will notice trends and often find that some efforts produce more results than you expected, and others are less than expected. You only have so much time to dedicate to marketing and business development, so make sure to focus on what’s working and ditch the efforts that aren’t.

Planning out your marketing and business development strategy can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Even if you set a couple of business development and marketing goals for the new year and have someone to keep you accountable to achieve them, if you complete them, you’ve made progress.