A Thought Leadership Marketing Strategy Takes Time

How long does it take to generate business through a thought leadership strategy? I wish I could tell you not long, but the reality is that it takes time.  

A thought leadership strategy often takes 6 to 12 months or more to see a significant increase in website traffic, social media activity, leads, and revenue.  

It takes time because it is built on building trust around your brand through relationships, sharing your knowledge, and organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 

Organic inbound leads through an SEO campaign take time especially if you are working with a website that is new. It can take months to build credibility with Google as a new website.  

My website is less than a year old. I can tell you that with all the knowledge I have in SEO, I am only now starting to see an uptick in traffic. I am starting to have traction because I have stayed consistent with updated content and other backend SEO strategies that I use. From here on out it should be a snowball effect – the traffic and leads should start to have a steady uptick. 

Thought leadership is a long-term strategy that will pay dividends over time if implemented well and consistently. Doing the work upfront and laying a proper foundation will eventually create a steady funnel of inbound leads creating a work smarter not harder strategy.  

I get that business owners want to see immediate results (believe me I do too), and there are certain strategies including PPC (Pay Per Click) AdWords campaigns to help you get there. But you must keep in mind that those are quick-fix solutions and need to be used in conjunction with a long-term strategy. I genuinely believe that laying the groundwork and building a solid marketing foundation through thought leadership and original content is the most effective way to grow your business long-term.  

I know it can be hard to keep up with your efforts (and the money you are spending) when you do not see any results right away. I liken this to going to the gym a few times and wondering why I have not lost weight yet. It is human nature to want instant gratification and immediate results, but you must be patient and not give up. Consistency over time is the way to go. Give yourself time and consistency and your business will grow.