Summertime Marketing Blues

The summertime can make it hard to devote time to marketing and business development as you are juggling your workload in addition to kids’ summer schedules and vacations, and want to enjoy those long days of summer, beach days, etc., when you can. Marketing and business development are not a “must-do” now (especially if you are an attorney or CPA as it is not billable), so it is easy to brush them off. 

I am guilty of falling off track with marketing myself from time to time (especially in the summer!), but it is essential that if you do fall off track, to remember to get back at it when you can. Do not let falling off track deter you from the big picture and your overall marketing strategy. A little stumble here, or there is no big deal!  

Rest and a reset can be good for you too, and summer can be a perfect time to take a break. Taking some time for yourself can set you up for success when you are ready to “get back to work,” making you more focused and productive when you dive back into things.  

Summertime can be an excellent time to take a break from the marketing initiatives you do not particularly enjoy. Whether that is networking, writing, or hosting webinars, instead, focus on initiatives you want that do not feel like work. Grab lunch with a colleague and incorporate business and pleasure. Marketing does not have to be tedious. It can be fun! There can be so much overlap between work and your professional lives, so take advantage of that, especially over the summertime.