Digital Marketing for CPAs

Digital marketing is an effective strategy for CPAs to generate qualified inbound leads. As effective as it is, digital marketing can be daunting too, and it can be hard to know where to start.  

My advice is always to start small. Don’t try to conquer everything all at once.  As a CPA, here are three places I suggest you start your digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Tips for CPAs


#1 Focus your website on a niche service or industry (i.e., veterinarians, auto dealerships, restaurants, outsourced controller services, nonprofit audits)

State clearly who you work with and how you help your target audience solve their problems.  Many times, the person searching for professional services help, will search for either the industry they are in or the specific service they are looking for assistance with (i.e., “CPA for veterinarians,” “CPA nonprofit audits”). Once potential clients find your website, you want to keep them there with your industry knowledge. (That leads us to tip #2).

#2 Provide relevant content to your target audience.

The potential client is more likely to find your website and engage with it if you provide current and relevant information. Relevant content has become an essential part of a good SEO strategy. It will keep the potential client on your website and help them prequalify themselves before they call your office.  

#3 Gather online reviews

Assuming you have good website content so qualified potential clients can find you, potential clients will also look at your online reviews. (A survey by Podium in 2017 showed that 93% of consumers said studies impacted their decision to engage with a company.) Plus, positive reviews provide “insurance” for any potentially harmful reviews down the line. Detailed online reviews can also help build your SEO, as the reviewers use keywords people might use to find your company online.  

Remember that digital marketing does not provide qualified inbound leads right away. It is a long-term strategy that takes time and consistent effort to be successful. If you can consistently deliver relevant content to your audience, optimize it, and show your potential clients that it eventually provides a steady flow of quality inbound leads. 

P.S. I know the three items above seem pretty straightforward. That is because they are. The problem is that people spend too much time trying to implement “fancy” that they miss the basics. Digital marketing is not rocket science, but it requires a strategy, consistency in implementation, and tweaking the plan based on analytics as you go.