Stick With Your Niche

Stick with your niche.

Becoming a true expert in your practice area is one of the most important components to successfully growing your professional services firm.

Think about how often you have met someone at a networking event or professional service association, whether in the accounting, legal or financial industry.

Who stood out?

Was it the person that said, “I am an accountant/ lawyer/financial advisor working with small businesses”?

Or was it the person who said, “I work with medical spas to help them keep in compliance with compensation and HIPAA laws.”

If you have medical spa clients or are a medical spa this person has gotten your attention.

Not only will you be more memorable as an expert, but your experience and expertise will outshine others who claim to do the same thing.

Other professionals will come to you to refer you to business because they know you are the expert in your field, and they know it is more efficient for their clients to work with you on the matter rather than them learning something new.

The greatest thing about these types of referrals to experts is that they are reciprocal. When you come across a client who needs someone else’s expertise, you will refer to them. It is a win-win!

Bottom line, invest your time into becoming a true expert in your field. It will pay dividends.