The Importance of Finding Balance: Embracing the Summer as a Working Mom

Hard to believe we’re already halfway through July! It’s been three weeks since my last blog post for LHO & Co., and during this time, I’ve prioritized striking a balance between my work and my role as a mother. This summer, I’ve been fortunate enough to embrace the joys and responsibilities of being a mom, especially as my oldest son, 13, made his all-star baseball team for the first time. 

Witnessing my son’s growth and dedication as he honed his skills over the years has been an incredible journey. However, it also serves as a reminder of how quickly time flies. With only four summers left before he graduates high school, I’m reminded of the importance of cherishing these precious moments. 

As a result, I’ve consciously decided to put my personal marketing efforts on hold temporarily. Being able to strike a balance between work and life is something I sincerely appreciate about working for myself. It allows me to work from anywhere, even from the confines of my car, using a laptop before his games begin. These small choices and sacrifices contribute to creating memories that will endure. 

While it may seem like a detour from my professional goals, I firmly believe that the few months I’m dedicating to being a present and supportive mom will have a negligible impact on the grand scheme. Moreover, I feel incredibly fortunate to collaborate with other small business owners who share my values and understand the significance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. We’ve chosen to forge our paths and prioritize the harmony between our personal and professional lives. 

For the next couple of weeks, baseball will continue to be the center of our universe, and I couldn’t be happier. I eagerly anticipate capturing and sharing pictures as the tournaments close. Once this chapter concludes, I can redirect my focus and invest more time into my work, revitalized by the experiences and memories I’ve created this summer. 

Life is a delicate dance, and it’s in finding the right rhythm that we can fully appreciate and embrace our different roles. As a mom and a professional, I’m grateful for the opportunities to create balance, nurture relationships, and prioritize what truly matters.